Lofted Art Gallery

We are looking to work with local artists to give them the opportunity to show off their work! Contact us if you would like the chance to have a month long show in our lofted gallery.
Lofted Gallery Artists

December 2021- The Artisans of Port Republic
January 2022- Robert Haynes
February 2022- Jo Ellen Lam
March 2022- Amy Lemons
April 2022-Gary Bugg
May 2022- Lary Parker
June 2022- Lise Fink
July 2022- Elaine Hurst
August 2022- Viktorya Samoylov
September 2022- Cindy Morgan
October 2022- Bob Adamek
November 2022- Kelsey Niedermayer
December 2022- Don and Anita Kersel

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